1975 GMC K25 4X4

Mission:  This is a "Camper Special" heavy 3/4 ton 4x4 GMC truck, equipped with a 14 bolt rear, original 400 motor, TH350 trans, NP203 transfer case, factory a/c.   Purchased from estate of original owner, claiming that mileage on odometer is original at a tick over 70k.  Mostly used around the farm.   PA winters have taken a toll on sheet metal; however bed had been replaced and was rock solid.  We purchased it for parts (to put axles under one of our IHC project trucks), however we couldn't bring ourselves to part out this old heavy duty truck!

Challenges:  Cab and doors shot, rad support will need repair, right rear of frame and rear leaf spring hangers will need replaced.   Motor runs but smokes more than Chad, trans doesn't move, outer skins of front rotors rusted off, rear brakes frozen, etc.

Plan:  We found a replacement (1983) cab from NC, have some OE fenders on the shelf, and we'll repair core support.   Gordon will fab 18" of right rear frame, along with a crossmember and rear leaf spring mounts.   We have a remanufactured TH400, along with a GM350 (both from a project truck) which we'll try out.   NP203 will go on the shelf and we'll upgrade to gear driven NP205.  Both axles   will be resealed, rear axle needs new ring and pinion (4.10's), all new brakes, suspension, etc.  We want to test the longevity of POR15, so Chad will spray that on all suspension parts (after Cody media blasts and preps them), and also spray underside of cab.  Then we'll hang a plow on the front as this will primarily see snowplow duty.   Paint scheme will be similar to our project F1 Truck (flat back/gloss black paint) and we picked up some Hummer H2 17" wheels we plan to powdercoat black.

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