Custom Built Portable Industrial Bar with Flathead V-8 Engine and Offenhauser 3 Carb Manifold

  • We built this in our shop … one of a kind for sure.


- based is an industrial cart from a steel mill, sandblasted and painted

- custom built, powder coated frame and perimeter piece around bar top

- top is from custom made in our wood shop from 150 year old wood reclaimed from oil "boom town" building.   Two slabs 3" thick and 24" wide

- Ford Flathead V-8 engine, topped with Offenhauser manifold and 3 carbs.

- air cleaners powder coated black chrome.

Lots of time invested in construction of this bar.   Check out complete build above:  Porfolio, past restorations

This bar is a real attention getter at parties, etc.   Very cool and functional!


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