Titusville, PA Gateway

Titusville, PA is well known as home for the first oil well.

A lessor known fact is that many gas and oil companies have their roots in Titusville; such as Sunoco, Exxon, Gulf, etc.

The purpose of the "Gateway Project" is to let folks know about these companies.   As they enter Titusville they will be able to pull over and visit a vintage gas station and walk down a wall showcasing the oil and gas companies that have roots in Titusville, along with information boards telling the history/connection to our area.

Windfall Rod Shop is providing the concept design, site excavation and building of the vintage gas station.  We think the ties Titusville has to the transportation industry is monumental and the story needs more attention .. particularly with the red hot interest in gas and oil memorabilia and how it relates to the vehicles we love while fostering the car culture in our community.

Together with the City of Titusville and Greater Titusville Development Foundation, we hope to fast track this project and provide folks "cruising" through our town a cool destination to pull over in their classic (or late model) ride and learn more about Titusville's connection to the transportation industry!   If you wish to contribute a tax deductible donation to the project, please visit Greater Titusville Development Foundation.

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