1950 Ford Panel

1950 Ford Panel.   Flathead V8.

Mission:  Create reliable "shop truck" for Medina Plating and Powdercoating to use for deliveries/advertising, etc.  Keep some of the old parts with patina for Rat Rod look.   Medina Powder Coating, powdered and hydro-dipped some of the front end parts, etc to showcase their services.  We'll call in Brent Muir to paint their logo on the side panels.

Challenges:  Lower side panels rusted out and filled with bondo.   Upper side panels, solid, but full of dents covered with more bondo, etc.   Rear valance shot.   Side panels and rear valance replacement sheet metal not available.    Front floor boards also shot, roof had dents on each corner (from roof rack?).  Doors also need a fair amount of metal replacement, left "barn door" will need completely rebuilt.

Plan:  cut out rusted metal, fabricate replacement panels in the shop to create a solid shell.   Rat Rod look (rat rod red paint).  Freshen up original flathead, update from original 3 speed to B&W 5 speed, disc brakes up front, go through suspension, update electrical to 12v, etc.   Follow along as we pull the body off of the frame and transform the panel!

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